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We deliver customized workshops to optimize cross-cultural communication and break down barriers among team members from different countries, disciplines and age groups by using our hands-on practical experience and time-tested methodologies.


We lead custom designed team workshops to break down demographic, profession or culture based barriers and help team members communicate better. We believe in the potential of people and that everyone within an organization can contribute to discussions, solutions and outcomes.


The Lego® Serious Play® thinking, communication and problem solving technique unlocks the full potential of a team quickly, effectively, and deeply. The LEGO® bricks are used as a medium to build and to express complex ideas through storytelling and metaphors. The bricks also act as a mediator between participants, allowing people to overcome hierarchies and power games that often affect workshop-like activities and co-creation initiatives.


As workshop facilitators we work closely with you to define a problem to be solved during the workshop. A custom designed session will include several “challenges” that need to be solved by the participants. The hands-on building will involve areas of the brain that are not used in typical brainstorms or meetings. It will be fun for every participant, improve team dynamics and generate creative and innovative results.

Build to Lead | How Lego Bricks Can Make You a Better Leader | O'Reilly Media