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Jane Anderson, a neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, is using Lego bricks to help top business executives make positive changes in communication and also during problem-solving for teams and individuals.  The methodology, LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP), is sweeping boardrooms in the UK, with Google and British Airways just two of the big name companies who use the therapy for team building and staff counseling.

PLAY is a catalyst. Lego realized this when it had to redefine its own strategy development in the mid 90s and was not able to achieve successful outcomes by using traditional tools and methodologies. Through research and years of refinement they developed LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP), a methodology to bridge and harvest an organization’s collective intelligence to solve problems and improve decision-making. Typical business meetings are characterized by ”leaning back” participation: 20% of the people talk 80% of the time. LSP however actively engages every participant and embraces a “leaning forward” approach where everybody contributes. It unleashes creative energies, modes of thought and ways of seeing that most adults have forgotten they even possessed.