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Team Dynamics Boston is proud to lead a workshop “LEGO® Serious Play® – Give Your Brain a Hand” at the upcoming “Engaging the Brain” Conference. The conference is organized by the New England chapters of ATD, the world’s largest talent development association. Join us on March 27, 2015, along with the keynote presenters, Tony Bingham and Ann Herrmann-Nehdi and 16 world-class speakers for a day of learning and networking.

The conference will address questions like:

  • How can an organization change its approach to think and operate more innovatively?
  • How can the talent development function play a key role in driving innovative thinking and practices?

In our workshop participants will experience hands-on the potential of LEGO® Serious Play® as a powerful tool to develop innovative teams:

  • It gets deep answers and uncovers true aspirations.
  • It helps team members understand each other.
  • It harvests collective wisdom of a group.
  • It unleashes creative energies, modes of thought and ways of seeing that most adults have forgotten they even possessed.
  • It makes management more transparent and accessible.
  • It provides insights on how to get better together.
  • It makes work more engaging and fun.

Find details about the conference here: