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On March 28, 2016 Team Dynamics Boston will lead a session “Build to Lead – Solve leadership challenges using the LEGO® Serious Play® Methodology.”

How can you play well as a leader, manage the challenges of diversity and complexity, and energize and inspire your team in a collaborative world?

Dieter Reuther and Donna Denio demonstrate a universal language that helps you maneuver through complex leadership challenges. Building on a business case study, Dieter and Donna guide participants through the Lego Serious Play methodology to explain how to break down situations into simple and easy-to-understand three-dimensional metaphorical models. Lego bricks create a level playing field and act as a mediator between participants, allowing them to overcome hierarchies and create a dynamic and inclusive culture of shared understanding and values.

The Lego Serious Play process breaks down communication barriers that exist between diverse disciplines, teams, and ranks within an organization. Participants will learn to negotiate decisions and codesign ideas creatively, socially, and interactively.