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Build to Lead

How Lego Bricks Can Make You a Better Leader

By Donna Denio, Dieter Reuther
Publisher: O’Reilly
Released: March 2016

How can the power of play inspire your teams and help you achieve creative and powerful business solutions in a rapidly changing world? In this report, you’ll explore Lego Serious Play, a proven tool for boosting both individual and team productivity. It may sound frivolous, but playing with Lego bricks is an incredibly fun, creative, and valuable way to develop a collective plan of action—whether it’s for problem solving, strategy development, ideation, relationship building, or goal-setting.

Through several examples, authors Donna Denio and Dieter Reuther explain how Lego Serious Play can expand your leadership ability and deliver predictable and consistently productive results. This leadership model teaches, inspires, and promotes full participation of team members—including people who seldom speak up. Companies such as Google, Daimler Chrysler, NASA, Tupperware, and Microsoft have all used this method.

Pick up a copy of this report, and discover how Lego Serious Play can help you and your team step off the treadmill and look at the big picture, together.

Dieter Reuther is a leadership consultant who focuses on people, process, and technology. A certified Lego Serious Play facilitator, he helps organizations balance creative chaos with structure to bring out the best in teams and individuals. As a strong believer in the power positive leadership can have on people’s motivation, performance, and effectiveness, Dieter breaks down barriers, cultivates teams, and helps them solve complex problems.

Donna Denio is a communications and business development specialist passionate about teamwork and generating productive relationships. She has over 20 years of experience helping leaders of multinational companies identify and secure new business opportunities in design and construction. Ten years ago, Donna discovered the Lego Serious Play methodology as a way to optimize team performance.