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Team Dynamics Workshop

Orchestrate and grow high-performing teams to unlock motivation and amplify performance.


In this economy, agility, effectiveness and employee retention can make or break a company’s ability to deliver projects and services successfully. Do you know whether your project teams are assets or liabilities? Are they fine-tuned for optimum performance? As a creative leader, operations leader or project manager, you play an important role in bringing out the best in each individual on your teams, while keeping your talent happy and motivated and positively affect the bottomline.


Team Dynamics Workshop will provide you new insight into how to build the right team chemistry to orchestrate and grow high-performing teams, finish projects successfully and achieve superior results.

  • Analyze and optimize your team dynamics with new and innovative models and activities that can be immediately applied to your unique organization.
  • Experience our teambuilding toolkit of hands-on, problem-solving methods of practical applications that can be used throughout each stage of your projects.

Workshop Experience 

Through an intensive, lively interplay between left and right brain thinking, you will gain insightful knowledge that you can take away and begin using immediately. Case studies, instructions, interactive dialogues and hands-on activities are used as learning tools as we share with you how to analyze, diagnose and improve the chemistry of your project and service teams. We’ll define the key factors that encourage high-performance and improve team communication. We’ll discuss how to resource and manage for optimized quality, time and resource usage as well as creativity, passion and fun.


Think innovatively about team building. These are not business as usual times. The new normal is about complexity, innovation and global competition. “Form follows function” used to be a recipe for good design. However, good design is no longer a guarantee for success. Today, highly sophisticated interaction concepts, digital user interfaces, brand guidelines and global markets add complexity to the development of products and services, which no longer can be addressed by individuals.

Only high-performing teams lead to success. Collaboration is essential in business today. We have to do more with less, produce better quality and come to market ever faster. The complex just became even more complex. Teams must be able to dive into complexity without getting lost. Teams must amplify each individual’s talents to get the most out of collaboration and the team. The makeup of a team and the resulting chemistry can make or break a project; friction and dysfunction can derail the outcome of a project. Traditional project management methods typically do not take team make-up into account and projects frequently fail. Norman’s Law of Product Development states that a project is behind schedule and over its budget the day it is started. Together, we can change this.

The happiness factor. Employee retention is one of the most essential variables in any creative business. Learn how to leverage the creativity and talent of each employee, harness their collective minds and build agile and smart teams. Apply cognitive models and team-building tools to better optimize team dynamics to optimize project outcomes and increase profitability. Build happiness in your organization by tapping into the intrinsic motivations that drive team success.

Who should attend

Designed to bring together right-brain and left-brain thinkers, this workshop is valuable for Creative Leaders, Operations Leaders, Project Managers and Entrepreneurs.

Past Locations

Helsinki, Chicago, New York, Boston


Sabrina Jetton, Design & Innovation Consultant

Dieter Reuther, Leadership Consultant