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Business Terminology

Building What Matters to Your Team

This workshop helps creative leaders successfully understand and leverage the languages and concepts of business management tearing down barriers among silos in the business landscape.

Let’s face it; business management has a bad rep in the creative world. Many feel that business is boring, gray and mostly about reading balance sheets and driving annual performance reviews. Once creative thinkers get beyond the barriers that specialized business languages create, they can begin to play with the system to design dynamic and inspiring workplace cultures where creativity is highly valued and all people count.

Business terminology is so specialized that often the director of engineering can’t REALLY understand the CFO, and vice versa. And in meetings, most of us want to act like we know what’s going on so we rarely ask the deep, probing questions that reveal core values and concerns where true understanding lives.

This hands-on workshop teaches the key terminology of five basic business languages required to understand the wisdom and concerns originating from each of these thought systems: finance, marketing, engineering, human resources, IT. Each business language has its own value system and decision-making hierarchy, and these will also be revealed. In turn, each language/thought system will be applied to a business case study. Through a play-based approach, participants experience how to understand the diverse perspectives of a leadership team in a collaborative environment. A business case study will be broken down into simple, easy to understand 3-dimensional metaphorical models. These models are shared with the team through story-telling to bring every participant on the same page and to create a single shared model. After we build each language-based-thought-system, we model areas of the common ground. The workshop also provides methods and tools to break down communication barriers that exist between diverse disciplines, teams and ranks within an organization.

You Will Learn:
• Key terminology of five different business languages.
• Value systems and decision-making hierarchies of five business languages.
• How to help people from different professional backgrounds listen to and understand each other and find common ground.
• How to use diverse ways of thinking to approach a problem.
• How to solve problems in a collaborative environment.

Who should attend?

  • Creative and business leaders who …
  • want to expand their leadership capacity and skills.
  • are looking to unlock the knowledge, experience and creativity of a group of people;
  • want to co-create practical and sustainable solutions that are enthusiastically supported by everyone involved;
  • want to be prepared to successfully lead their organizations in an environment of constant change.


  • Business as a supportive infrastructure that nurtures and integrates creative people and ideas.
  • The language of the CFO
  • Business case study: build the key issues and concerns of a CFO
  • Model the decision-making process of a CFO
  • The language of the VP of Marketing and Sales
  • Business case study: build the key issues and concerns of the VP Marketing and Sales
  • Model the decision-making process of the VP Marketing and Sales
  • The language of the VP Engineering
  • Business case study: Build the key issues and concerns of the VP Engineering
  • Model the decision-making process of the VP Engineering
  • The language of the HR Director
  • Business case study: Build the key issues and concerns of the HR Director
  • Model the decision-making process of the HR Director
  • The language of the CIO
  • Business case study: Build the key issues and concerns of the CIO
  • Model the decision-making process of the CIO.
  • Conducting the symphony of creative expression: playing beautiful music together.
  • Changing the paradigm.
  • Hands-on techniques to move forward and achieve positive change as a member of a diverse team.

Duration: Two days